Despite being surrounded by supply struggles, Lamborghini has its best quarter ever.

Around the globe, automotive brands have been in a pinch due to the crisis that has caused global supply issues for everyone. This past quarter, many brands simply didn’t have the cars available to sell and deliver to customers, and the situation has badly hurt sales and delivery numbers. However, Lamborghini is an exception. The Italian supercar manufacturer, unlike most other automakers around the world, has managed to deliver 2,539 vehicles globally, which makes Q1 2022 the brand’s best quarter to date.

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Half of those deliveries belong to the Urus, the luxury SUV that represents a fervent love for luxury SUVs with the spirit of exotic cars. It accounted for 1,547 out of the 2,539 vehicles delivered in the quarter. The other half was split between the Huracan and Aventador, despite the Aventador’s V12 powertrain being on its way out. Lamborghini has also announced that this year, we still can look forward to two new announcements about the Urus, and one more about the Huracan. With a great start, Lamborghini is sure to be off to an even greater year.

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Source: Lamborghini