This might be the greatest misunderstanding of “police horse” we’ve seen yet.

Detroit’s Cauley Ferrari has decided to extend a gesture of thanks to West Bloomfield’s first responders with two police horses… of a different kind. These Italian, Prancing Horses are actually two Ferraris, an F8 Tributo for the Police department, and a 488 Pista for the Fire department, complete with special liveries that match each.

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The F8 Tributo is black, with a white leather interior and West Bloomfield Police graphics, while the 488 Pista is finished in a classic Ferrari red, which, of course, matches the fire trucks that it is dedicated to. For a limited time, both of these incredible Ferraris will be on display in the Cauley Ferrari showroom for public viewing. Both these cars go to show that while Ferraris are world-class supercars, they can be local heroes, too.

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Source: Cauley Ferrari