A white Bronco like you've never seen before.

Apocalypse Manufacturing has become known around the world for its innovative and massive six-wheeled trucks that dwarf everything else on the road. Now, the company is back with yet another insane creation known as the "Dark Horse," a new Ford Bronco 6x6.

Unveiled in March 2022, Apocalypse Manufacturing decided to create a new commercial for the Dark Horse that harks back to another event that happened in the month of March. In the video up above, you'll see the Bronco 6x6 being "chased" by a squad of police as it makes its way through the Florida streets. Click play up above to see it in action for yourself.

The Apocalypse Dark Horse starts off as a standard Ford Bronco, but it grows in length from 189-inches to 225-inches after the back is cut and the truck is extended through the use of steel and fiberglass. To make the Dark Horse a true 6x6 Bronco, a custom tandem, handmade, middle-axle is added. There is, of course, much more to be discovered regarding the Apocalypse Manufacturing Dark Horse, so be sure to visit their website.