Lotus is charging headfirst into an EV lineup.

While we wait for deliveries of the Lotus Evija to ramp up, the automaker has given us exciting news regarding their lineup. In a press release, Lotus had two announcements that are both equally tantalizing. The first is that a new EV supercar is being developed by Lotus. This new model follows in the footsteps of the Evija and, in fact, Lotus notes all of their cars going forward will be purely electric and inspired by the Evija. Secondly, Lotus announced a collaboration with battery cell experts, Britishvolt. The purpose of this collaboration will be to create a new battery cell package that Lotus can utilize in their upcoming wave of electric vehicles.

Matt Windle, Managing Director, Lotus Cars, said: “Lotus is delighted to be collaborating with Britishvolt to develop new battery cell technology to showcase the thrilling performance that a Lotus EV sports car can deliver. These are the first exciting steps on the journey towards an all-new electric sports car from Lotus, and yet another step towards the transformation towards sustainable, renewable electricity stored in batteries.”

Source: Lotus Cars