After a record-breaking year in 2021, Lamborghini shows off their new design aesthetic with the opening of the new Lamborghini Miami showroom.

The reopening of Lamborghini Miami has shown off the automaker's new design aesthetic that features sharp forms, polygons, raw surfaces, and plenty of vibrant colors. Partaking in the event was Lamborghini Chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann and dealer principal, Brett David.

Florida continues to be one of Lamborghini’s strongest markets,” said Winkelmann. “This new corporate identity will help to enhance the experiences of the loyal customers while transitioning the company to a new era of electrified cars beginning in 2023.” 

On the showroom floor, guests inside the new Lamborghini Miami will be treated to a 360-degree retail experience and an all-new Ad Personam area. This new Ad Personam area will allow customers to customize the Lamborghini of their dreams while being able to see and feel samples of paint finishes and materials. Of course, those on the showroom floor will be able to gaze upon the wonderous Lamborghini models that are on display, from classics to new models.