Ulysse Nardin offers comfort for watch collectors with its Blockchain Certification.

As the luxury watch world continues to grow in popularity with high-end examples released by the world’s most famous brands, authenticity becomes a key factor when determining what to add to your collection. Ulysse Nardin is best known for using its rich heritage of watchmaking to create modern examples that incorporate state-of-the-art design and movement technology. Ulysse Nardin is proud to announce a new Blockchain Certificate of Authenticity program to ensure the authenticity behind any watch purchases through its official retail network. Thanks to the blockchain, data can be both public and forgery-proof, which allows for building trust in relationships between people.

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Protected by blockchain technology, Ulysse Nardin produces a certificate of authenticity with your name, along with registration for a free extended warranty. This certificate is free for anyone purchasing a new watch from our retailer network and requesting an extended warranty (also free). Ulysse Nardin is proud to use the Bitcoin public blockchain, which has been around for 10-years already and at this moment in time has never been hacked; it’s, therefore, the most secure. The authenticity protection from Ulysse Nardin adds a sense of comfort for any collector looking to purchase, sell, or gift any one of the exquisite examples from the longstanding brand. Discover the luxury watches from Ulysse Nardin and its Blockchain Certificate of Authenticity by clicking the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY Daily for more luxury watch news and releases.

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Source: Ulysse Nardin