Is the future of travel flying cars?

We've been following Klein Vision and their flying car concept for quite some time. From the maiden flight to now when we learn that the AirCar has received certification to fly by the Slovak Transportation Authority (CAA). This certification will allow the company to push forward with creating more AirCars and getting them out to the public.

Getting to this point, however, has taken the team at Klein Vision a lot of time. In total, it took the team over 100,000 manhours to create the certified AirCar Prototype 1. From there, they had to take the flying car out for over 70 hours of test flights that included 200 takeoffs and landings. Klein Vision also notes that the AirCar went through performance maneuvers, and was able to takeoff and land without pilot intervention.

It will be interesting to see where Klein Vision takes their AirCar next. Being able to transform between a car and aircraft in 2 minutes would change the game for many commuters who need to travel within their city or to another city close by.

Image Source: Klein Vision