Not many can say their watch has a W16.

The Bugatti Chiron is a car defined by astonishing engineering, sumptuous luxury, and ambitious design. It does away with the boundaries that we have come to know in the world of cars, and decides to rewrite the rules to suit its own needs. That’s why when Bugatti teamed up with Jacob & Co. to create a watch inspired by the Chiron, they had to do the exact same thing.

The amazement of the Chiron watch starts with the case. It’s composed of sapphire crystal such that it fully surrounds the watch and you can see inside from almost all sides, and it’s also been colored blue. This result is achieved by a long, laborious, and precise process that involved lots of development, and the use of diamond tools to cut the sapphire crystal.

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The window in the crystal case that resembles the horseshoe-shaped grille of the Chiron is where you can see the 60-second flying tourbillon, which is placed at an incline for easier viewing. You then see that the entire movement of the watch is placed on a car-like suspension, which resembles that of the Chiron, and allows it to move up and down within the case.

The piece de resistance is the miniature replica of the W16 engine that powers the Bugatti Chiron tucked inside the watch case. Pushing the right crown brings it to life, starting an animation in which the pistons move and the turbochargers spin, evoking the true spirit of what makes the Chiron such a mythical and legendary car. To fully capture the essence of the Chiron car, the watch will be made piece unique and sold at a price befitting its legendary quality and craftsmanship of $1.5 million.