Bentley plans on making their future British Racing Green.

Bentley has announced that its first electric car is going into production and that we will see it in production in 2025, and this comes with other exciting news about the future of the brand that relates to their Beyond100 strategic plan.

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After over 100 years, Bentley has had to change the way it’s done things before, and today’s world is no exception. In 2020, Bentley announced their Beyond100 plan, which involves a range of efforts aimed at improving Bentley’s sustainability as a brand. Some of these efforts have already started to take shape, with Bentley committing to investing 2.5 billion pounds in sustainability over the next ten years, towards making electric cars in Crewe, England in the “Bentley Dream Factory,” a factory concept that maximizes its priority to the environment.

Bentley has announced that by 2030, not only will the brand be carbon-neutral, but it will also feature a lineup of exclusively electric vehicles that are created with minimal environmental impact while remaining the world’s standard for luxury.