The Grecale’s first snow day isn’t all fun and games.

As Maserati continues to test out the prototypes for its new SUV, the Grecale, the time of year has rolled around where some extreme weather can put the car to the test. And that’s exactly what Maserati decided to do.

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Out in the far northern Lapland region of Sweden, the Maserati Grecale was tested for its ability to start up, drive, and do everything that it needs to do in temperatures as cold as -30 degrees Celsius, which works out to be -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Image Source: Maserati

The Grecale performed excellently in every test, managing track laps, corners, straight sections, inclines, declines, and more challenging driving situations on snowy and icy surfaces, where those challenges are exacerbated. While the Grecale’s premiere was pushed back from this past November to this spring, the time for it to be unveiled draws nearer and nearer, and we cannot wait to see the Levante’s little sibling in action and on the road.