Third in a line of Audi "sphere" concepts.

Reveals of concept cars are always interesting and exciting. While many of them may never get produced, they still shed light on many of the automaker's new technology and even design cues for future models.

For those who always find joy in new concept cars, Audi is ready to unveil their new urbansphere concept on April 19, 2022. This new model will come into the world as the third "sphere" concept from Audi, following the grandsphere and skysphere concepts that were unveiled in 2021.

While the grandsphere was designed to be like a "first-class flight" and the skysphere is a two-door roadster, the urbansphere looks to be entirely different. In the image you see up above, this new Audi appears to have four doors, four seats and plenty of room. That's definitely a departure from the other new Audi concept, so it will surely be an exciting reveal.

Be sure to check back with us on April 19th when the Audi urbansphere concept is revealed.

Source: Audi