Rimac drops the temperature ahead of dropping the Nevera.

Deliveries are set to commence in the coming months of the incredible Rimac Nevera, the world’s fastest accelerating production car with a mind-boggling 1,914 horsepower. It’s already cleared rigorous testing to be given the green light for production, but Rimac’s dedication to perfection extends even further. To make sure the Nevera is ready for any situation, Rimac took it to Sweden for testing in extreme cold weather.

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During the testing, temperatures dipped as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and in that extreme weather and low grip terrain, Rimac was able to test the car on its Pirelli P Zero Winter tires, and also make sure that everything functioned properly even in the most extreme temperatures. The car promises to be invigorating and safe, while also being suitable both for inexperienced drivers and seasoned professionals to enjoy. With the two weeks of testing showing exactly the results that Rimac sought to achieve, deliveries of the car are set to commence soon.

Source: Rimac Automobili