Dressed in black with 800 horsepower, this Brabus has looks and performance to kill.

It’s the Superblack Edition, as Brabus calls it, and it’s a Mercedes-AMG G63-based pickup with the mind-boggling performance we have come to know and love Brabus for, and a timelessly sleek color scheme to match. Its twin-turbo, 800 horsepower engine means that all 17.4 feet of the truck (27 inches longer than the production G-Class) gets from 8-60 in less than 4.8 seconds.

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The all-black interior is finished with glossy carbon fiber and sumptuous black leather, and serves as an homage to the founding of Brabus 45 years ago in 1977, with the number “77” embossed across the interior of the car. However, starting at almost 726,000 Euros, which equates to roughly $820,000 US dollars, the performance and luxury of this car aren’t the only things about it that are staggering. That said, when it comes to Brabus, you always get a vehicle that delivers ultimate performance and ultimate luxury. And now that Brabus has released this G-Class-based pickup in this mesmerizing black color, there seems to be no end to what they can do.

Source: BRABUS