A replacement for the Chiron is nigh, and Bugatti has a history of upping the ante.

When Bugatti announced a merger with Rimac, it was crystal clear that electric vehicles were in the brand’s future. But now, in 2022, Mate Rimac himself surprisingly noted his faith in the combustion engine in a video. In this video (a shortened version can be found down below) Mate Rimac told the world that combustion-powered cars would remain in Bugatti’s future, and that they’ll continue to be the Bugattis that have shocked and amazed us all for nearly twenty years.

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At least one of the combustion-powered cars in question will be the replacement for the Chiron, and that is currently in development. During Monterey Car Week, Mate Rimac hinted to Manny Khoshbin that the car could arrive in 2024, and he also said that the car will feature things that we have never seen before. There is one big question, however, which is what kind of engine will be in the car. Emissions restrictions continue to get tighter, and the answer for many brands has been to move towards electric performance cars and discontinue V12s and similar powertrains. Bugatti’s iconic W16 engine is incredibly powerful, but emissions restrictions may mean that Bugatti will have to find another powertrain to break records and change automotive history. Whatever the powertrain is, we are promised an incredible vehicle that will continue to astonish and impress as Bugattis have for so long.

Source: Motor1