This beautiful Bronco has a story that’ll take you to church.

In 1979, the Pope, John Paul II came to the US, and for that visit, he needed a Popemobile. America’s answer: a Ford Bronco. Finished in an appropriate Wimbledon White and with an open back for the Pope to stand and wave, the vehicle became famous and made a chapter of Bronco history, along with other white Ford Broncos.

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To honor the Bronco that the Pope had for his visit, and to raise money to support Detroit’s Pope Francis Center, Ford has custom-made a Bronco First Edition in the same Wimbledon White color, which today isn’t available to simply buy, with Wimbledon White wheels with a vintage look courtesy of Detroit Steel Wheels, and a white dashboard to match.

This special Bronco inspired by the 1966 Bronco is going to be auctioned by Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, with an exclusive color, as well as plenty of custom touches that make the car unique for whoever its owner might be. Who that owner is will be determined on Thursday, January 27, at 4:30 PM Mountain Time, and it will undoubtedly be an exciting auction.

Source: Ford