Electric vehicles have shown Mercedes-Benz success, but shortages still present a tough challenge.

The first quarter of 2022 presented good news and bad news for Mercedes-Benz. The EQS sedan has gotten off to a great start with high demand and plenty of orders, and deliveries going well even in the face of shortages across the entire industry. In fact, sales of hybrid and all-electric Mercedes-Benz models increased by 37%, with just all-electric examples seeing a 210% increase. Looking forward, Mercedes-Benz will be introducing the EQS AMG and the EQS SUV as well, which are sure to be just as popular, if not more so. On top of that, Mercedes-Maybach and S-Class deliveries were up 161% and 67% respectively.

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However, supply chain troubles still loom over the automotive industry, and with a total sale of 62,251 models for the quarter, they have caused a 15.5% decrease compared to the same quarter last year. AMG suffered as well, with a total of 6,985 units sold, a decrease of over 40% compared to last year. The GLC, GLE, and GLS models were volume leaders, and SUV’s, which seem to remain one of the most popular styles to buy, especially in luxury, accounted for 75% of sales this quarter. As the whole industry works to get back on its feet, electric cars spell hope for Mercedes-Benz and a bright future in the automotive world.

Source: Mercedes-Benz