The Valkyrie AMR Pro is ready to go to customers, and possibly Le Mans as well.

Aston Martin’s track-only hypercar made its incredible debut by putting down some very hot laps before the Bahrain Grand Prix. The car is inspired by the past Formula 1 cars that had screaming V12 engines with fully racing-focused weight and dynamics. It’s a hypercar and a race car through and through, limited to a top speed of 223 mph, with 1000 horsepower, and with more downforce than it has weight.

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Its naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine echoes Formula One legacy, rekindling the glory of an engine that is no longer used in the sport, and while the sound of the engine is familiar it never fails to impress, especially at the Bahrain circuit where crowds of F1 fans got to hear a sound that they missed, and see an incredible new car take the track for the first time. As deliveries of the Valkyrie AMR Pro commence, plans for the future of the car are without a doubt going to be exciting.

Source: Aston Martin