Well... this came out of nowhere.

If you were expecting the new 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V to be revealed this year, kudos to you because we did not see this one on the horizon. Announced by Cadillac, this new V-Series Escalade will be the very first SUV to wear the badge. As far as the exact details regarding the powertrain and upgrades, those will come in Spring 2022 when the full reveal is set to happen. However, there are some rumors that its powerplant could be the same supercharged V8 found in the CT5-V Blacking and Camaro ZL1. This engine pumps out 650-668 horsepower, depending on which vehicle it's in. Those numbers would be incredibly impressive for the Escalade which normally comes packing just 420 hp. Be sure to stay with us for more information as it's released.

Source: Cadillac