Donut makers, it's time to prove your worth.

Dodge is hiring for a position that may be the coolest job in the world: Chief Donut Maker. This position will make the person a Dodge ambassador and the company will provide them with an SRT Hellcat, Dodge apparel, invites to automotive events, time at the Radford Racing School, and a check for $150,000. The best part? The CDM can do all of this while maintaining their day job. So, how does one apply? Go to and upload a video that explains why you deserve the position. Once ten finalists are picked, they will be given a set of scenarios that will play out like a reality TV show with one winner remaining at the end. Even if you don't apply for the position, you can still witness the hiring process for yourself through Dodge's social media channels. Applications will be accepted from January 20th to February 28th.