This Valkyrie is no myth.

We have all been hearing about the Aston Martin Valkyrie for years now, but we have still yet to have the opportunity to see one out and about… until now. In Munich, Germany, an Aston Martin Valkyrie has finally been seen in full action: no camouflage, no testing, just driving around out on the road. Better yet, it has even been confirmed that the car was delivered and being driven by a customer, rather than by Aston Martin themselves.

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With only 150 Valkyrie’s being built, and each being priced at $3 million, seeing one at play on a public road is no common sight, but it looks beautiful and at home in the daylight and on the street, and sounds even better. Its V12 with a Rimac kinetic energy recovery system got to let out its otherworldly roar for the first time. The Valkyrie is an incredible car, and seeing it being driven in earnest for the first time only makes us want more.

Source: Motor1