Big things are going on behind the scenes at Lamborghini.

The brains behind the motorsport and performance that make Lamborghini are changing, and with that comes new and exciting changes to the direction of the brand. Rouven Mohr, former head of Verification and Validation at Audi has become Chief Technical Officer of Lamborghini, and Maurizio Reggiani, the former CTO, has become Vice President of Motorsport at Lamborghini.

After a long history with the brand with involvement in the development of many of Lamborghini’s iconic and formidable supercars, Reggiani’s appointment makes him responsible for the strategic direction of Lamborghini’s entire motorsport division, which has taken many recent GT victories.

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Born and raised in Italy with a long career in Italian performance cars, Reggiani started at Maserati in 1982, and since then helped develop the Bugatti EB110, and with Lamborghini worked on the Murcielago, Huracán, Urus, and more.

While Reggiani brings his expertise to Lamborghini’s motorsport division, Mohr’s Ph.D. in Numerical Mechanics, and long career with Audi in Project Management and R&D comes to Lamborghini as he becomes Chief Technical Officer, responsible for the powertrains, mechanics, and dynamics of Lamborghinis to come.