The Beauty of All-Wheel Drive just turned into the beast.

Subaru’s old slogan is a reminder of what has made them so popular among daily commuters and enthusiasts the world over: an all-wheel-drive system that is capable and dependable. And for decades now, the brand has been putting that all-wheel drive to the test in the motorsport and rally world through STI, which gave us the beloved WRX STI performance sedan which proves itself on and off the tarmac.

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Now, STI is taking performance to an entirely new level with an electric concept car, fittingly called the “STI E-RA Concept.” This charged-up race car is said to possess over 1000 horsepower, and STI says that that power is going to be put on the road through four Yamaha motors with four-wheel torque vectoring in a proprietary system.

Image Source: Subaru Tecnica International

What “E-RA” stands for is something that makes this venture even more exciting. Electric-Record-Attempt, the full meaning of the acronym, alludes to the fact that STI’s first goal for the car is to complete the Nürburgring in a shocking 6 minutes and 40 seconds in 2023. As they start at home in Japan in 2022 with driving experiments, the success of the E-RA could change the course of history for Subaru, STI, and motorsport as a whole.