Mercedes-AMG sends the world’s favorite SUV sideways.

The spring season may be on the rise, but snow and sliding are very much still on the schedule for the Mercedes-AMG G 63. In the Swedish Lapland, one of the automotive industry’s favorite spots for scenic and intense cold-weather testing, the G 63 went out on the ice and was both in and out of its comfort zone with the action that Matthias Malmedie and Peter Schoren, head of G-Class Sales and Product Management got it into.

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With its comprehensive four-wheel-drive system, locking differentials, and plenty of power from its twin-turbo engine, hand-built in Affalterbach, the G Class is capable not only of conquering extreme conditions but also of turning vast frozen expanses into a complete playground, sliding around and kicking up ice and snow in its wake, just as well as a more traditional rear-wheel-drive sports car would on the asphalt. As it turns out, the G Class is great at both turning heads and turning sideways.

Source: Mercedes-Benz