Two brands renowned for German engineering celebrate their heritage together.

Rimowa is a brand that creates luggage known for its legendary durability and appeal within the ultra-luxe community, with the colors and styles of its luggage offerings marrying form and function perfectly to make it one of the most desirable luggage brands on the market. When it comes to cars, Porsche has a similar story. Its beautiful, dynamic, and fast cars have been the object of people’s desires all around the world.

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The two brands have come together to celebrate their heritage in the most serendipitous way possible, by creating a collaborative suitcase that is designed to fit perfectly in the trunks of water-cooled Porsche 911s, and the back seats of air-cooled Porsche 911s. Inspired by the very first Porsche 911, the RIMOWA x Porsche Hand-Carry Case Pepita evokes the golden age of travel and the glory of the early days of the Porsche 911 with its lack of wheels or a telescopic handle. The suitcase also features a gold-plated Porsche emblem, and only 911 of them will be made, making it a poignant statement of 911 and Rimowa heritage, luxury, and exclusivity. It launches on the Porsche Online Store April 21, 2022.


Source: Porsche