Porsche’s Platinum hit gets a Platinum makeover.

When it was introduced 20 years ago, the Porsche Cayenne took a giant leap of faith by being one of the first luxury SUVs to be released by a brand known for luxury sports cars. However, it very quickly became the brand’s top seller, and while it’s younger and smaller sibling, the Macan has now taken that spot, the Cayenne is still an incredibly strong seller, and the blueprint for the Macan, and so many SUVs that came after it.

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After such a long time in the business, however, the Cayenne deserves a new look, and that’s just what Porsche gave it with the new Platinum Edition models, which can be ordered for the Cayenne, Cayenne Coupe, Cayenne S and S Coupe, and the Cayenne E-Hybrid and E-Hybrid Coupe. Platinum Edition Cayennes get all the accents redone in a Satin Platinum color, a panoramic roof, a Bose Surround sound system, and Chalk seatbelts with aluminum interior trim. Starting at $79,000, and available with custom Porsche Manufaktur options, get ready for platinum levels of luxury.

Source: Porsche