Carbon fiber, novel technology, and luxury are staples for Lamborghini.

Lamborghini is releasing five “Space Keys,” and they are examples of space-themed NFT artwork. And if that sounds strange, it is. Embroiled in mystery, the project was announced after social media teasers hinted at a “To The Moon” theme, and the artist of the NFT is currently undisclosed. Better yet, these NFTs, which are “non-fungible tokens” that assign an exclusive owner to digital artwork using blockchain technology, also have a space-themed physical component.

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The “Space Key” artwork can be accessed by a QR code, which is inscribed on a piece of carbon fiber. And the carbon fiber that has the QR code that has actually been in space. As part of a research project, the carbon fiber was sent to the ISS in 2019. While much about the Lamborghini Space Key NFTs is still unknown, like the auction house, auction date, the artist, and what the NFTs will look like, Lamborghini says that this information will be disclosed soon, and we have no doubt that it will be exciting.

Source: Lamborghini