Presented by Verijet.

Verijet is an Environmentally Responsible Aviation company. What does it mean? It means Verijet’s founders, board of directors, and teammates collectively recognize our responsibility to the environment. Every team member is encouraged to protect the environment and is held accountable. Verijet is part of the world’s initiative to develop more sustainable ways to fly, minimize climate and environmental damage, and hopefully reverse the damage already done. Since its inception, Verijet established 100% sustainable practices for the benefit of future generations.

What is sustainability? The aviation industry defines it this way: “a long-term strategy that sets out a collective approach to being cleaner, quieter, more efficient and smarter about running our operations in a “greener” fashion.” The Aviation Industry is responsible for only 2.5% of global emissions today but plays a prominent part in developing and progressing towards a 100% sustainability and 100% emissions-free future.

You might ask, what has Verijet done or is planning to do? Verijet and its partners have already been successful on several fronts.

• Verijet’s fleet is exclusively composed of the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet, the most fuel-efficient jet in the air today. It burns one-quarter of the fuel of other jets and reduces carbon emissions by approximately one ton per flight hour. Cirrus Aircraft and engine supplier Williams International continue to improve the operational efficiency of aircraft systems and propulsion, leading to less fuel usage and emissions.

• Verijet’s automation and artificial intelligence (AI) yield another 15 to 25% improvement in flight operations efficiency, further reducing emissions.

• Verijet is capable of operating from smaller and closer airports. Our AI (both operations and aircraft) enables more direct flights resulting in less distance and fewer emissions.

• Most importantly. Verijet recognized that achieving a 100% sustainable and emissions-free state will take time. Accordingly, Verijet is committed to doing what it can over the short term and supporting longer-term efforts to develop innovative methods and new technologies. Verijet is one of the first charter operators to use leading fuel-efficient light jets to reduce the aviation industry’s emission and noise footprint. Verijet is part of a small group of charter operators and one of the earliest startups to enroll in a carbon credit offset program. Verijet is currently Bronze rated by 4AIR. That means our flight operations are 100% carbon neutral. As Verijet grows, we intend to climb the ladder, reach a Platinum rating, and be recognized as a Climate Champion.

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