Pininfarina takes the semi-truck into the future with help from DeepWay.

With EV technology at an all-time high, it’s time to start focusing efforts on improving the efficiency of other forms of transportation like heavy-duty trucking. The Chinese technology specialists at DeepWay are partnering with the designers at Pininfarina Shanghai to present Xingtu, a smart new energy truck fit with advanced self-driving technology. DeepWay defines Xingtu into four core advantages that include deep intelligence, deep performance, deep design, and deep space. At the core of Xingtu lies DeepWay’s Highway Intelligence System (HIS), which is based on the vision of autonomous driving and features 11 onboard cameras, 1 infrared detector, 5-millimeter wave radars, and a LIDAR sensor. The performance capabilities of Xingtu effectively reduce overall energy consumption, while operating at a full load of 49-tons.

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The developers of Xingtu’s powertrain also implemented a quick-swap solution for its 450kWh battery pack, allowing truck drivers to swap out the battery in only 6-minutes. The body design behind DeepWay’s Xingtu embodies an integrated battery and chassis, reducing wind resistance for a more stable and safe operation. Pininfarina incorporated its unique Italian design DNA into the shape of this futuristic heavy truck creating elegant and pure lines with a strong focus on aerodynamics, leveraging the experience gained in this field along with 50-years as its Wind Tunnel was introduced in 1972. As a space meant for long-distance overnight travel, DeepWay x Pininfarina incorporates modern and intelligent amenities into the interior space of Xingtu. Equipped with an intelligent voice assistant, a large touchscreen infotainment system, and ultra-comfortable seats and beds, drivers will experience a much more comfortable working and living environment while on the road. Check back into duPont REGISTRY Daily for more upcoming information and news on the all-new DeepWay Xingtu autonomous truck designed by Pininfarina.

Source: Pininfarina