The most revolutionary Koenigsegg yet is driveable and in testing.

And that’s saying something because Koenigsegg seems to specialize in revolutionary cars. However, the Gemera is completely different. To start, it is Koenigsegg’s first four-seater. But that’s far from the only aspect about it that’s a first for the entire automotive industry, let alone for Koenigsegg. It’s a plug-in hybrid with a twin-turbo three-cylinder engine, and Koenigsegg’s incredible Koenigsegg Direct Drive transmission, all combining for a total combined 1,700 horsepower, which gets put down through all four wheels.

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The engine is called the Tiny Friendly Giant, or TFG, and that’s in reference to the fact that the engine, while being as small as it is at around 150 pounds, is both low on emissions and capable of using carbon-neutral renewable fuel, and big on power, revving up to a crazy-high 8.500 rpm, and capable of nearly 600 horsepower on its own, let alone in conjunction with the electric motors. Christian von Koenigsegg also says that the car is fun and easy to drive, which is probably the biggest departure from the intimidation of the “megacars” we are used to seeing from Koenigsegg. While the Gemera is still in development, it gets closer and closer to being a reality on our roads, and changing the automotive world forever, as Koenigseggs tend to.

Source: Koenigsegg