Lamborghini has given us a week’s notice regarding an announcement.

That announcement is very likely Huracan-related, judging by the fact that the picture that accompanies this Save the Date is of a V10 engine badge. Lamborghini has been using its V10 engine since 2003 in the Gallardo, and its legacy of being the beating heart of exhilarating, powerful and fast supercars remains to this day. Introduced in 2014, the Huracan was passed the torch by the Gallardo and continued the Lamborghini V10 performance legacy, introducing incredible variants like the Performante, the Evo, and most recently, the incredible track-focused STO.

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Whatever announcement Lamborghini may be making, it will build on a legacy of amazing cars that truly exemplify the performance, luxury, and driving pleasure that Lamborghini is capable of. The announcement is set to be made April 12, at 12:00 noon CEST on Lamborghini’s website, as well as the brand’s YouTube page.

Source: Lamborghini