Toyota sets its eyes on a perfect lap time with the upcoming GR GT3.

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing motorsport division specializes in offering track-inspired performance throughout its lineup of modified factory chassis. With more customers participating in GT3 motorsport programs, Toyota Gazoo Racing is proud to promote its “driver first” car development with a race-inspired concept that boasts design, performance, and technology.

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The all-new Toyota GR GT3 Concept features an elongated body style that screams aerodynamics, from its low-profile front splitter to the enormous gooseneck carbon fiber rear wing. Although performance and technology specifics have not yet been released, it’s safe to say that the announcement of a Toyota GT3 vehicle release will cause high anticipation for any collector, owner, and enthusiast of the brand. Check back into duPont REGISTRY Daily for more upcoming release information on the all-new Toyota Gazoo Racing GR GT3 racecar. Click the link below to view all current Toyota models for sale on duPont REGISTRY.

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