Ferrari’s iconic design continues to get recognized for its beauty and innovation.

The new Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a supercar that is inspired by Ferrari’s past, but also a part of the brand’s future, with incredible looks, Formula 1 technology, and a 0-60 time of less than 2.85 seconds, thanks to a V12 engine that can rev to an amazing 9500 rpm. The car won the prestigious Red Dot: Best of The Best award for 2022 at the Red Dot: Product Design awards.

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The Daytona SP3 won for its incredibly unique styling that both authentically pays homage to the 1960s Ferrari race cars that dominated in Daytona, and pushes Ferrari’s design language forward as the brand continues to grow, innovate, and maintain its standing as one of the world’s most important, prestigious, and sought after automotive brands. The large, dramatic curves and striking rear light bar are just a couple of the Daytona SP3’s aspects that can only be seen on cars like Ferraris, which are able to completely dedicate themselves to performance, passion, and style. That’s why Ferrari has won the prestigious Red Dot award 7 times, previously with the FFX-K, the 488 GTB, the J50, Portofino, Monza SP1, the Daytona SP3’s “Icona'' series predecessor, and the SF90 Stradale. All of these cars, like most Ferraris, are aspired to for a great many reasons, and design is just one.

Source: Ferrari