It's Bugatti's first EV, but not one you would expect.

Bugatti has announced that they have teamed up with New York-based Bytech International to create a brand-new scooter. Announced at CES 2022, this new scooter features many touches that are clearly Bugatti-inspired. These touches include the three finishes (Agile Blue, Silver, and Black), Bugatti badging, rear taillight that appears to be inspired by the Chiron, and even an "EB monogram that shines onto the ground below. As for power, this is clearly not a hypercar, but it still zips around quite quickly. This electric scooter has a 700w motor and 36v battery that boasts a range of around 22 miles. In regards to speed, this new Bugatti scooter has three separate modes that control the speed: Economy Mode (9mph), City Mode (12.5mph) and Sport Mode (18.5mph). If you've always wanted a Bugatti but can't afford the seven-figure pricetag, this is one you ought to check out.

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