The perfect supercar to hit the drive thru for a crunch wrap supreme.

With vehicle customization at an all-time high for the automotive aftermarket industry, specific themes for supercars seem to be the trend of the year. Supercars of all kinds are able to feature one-of-a-kind vinyl liveries that highlight the creative vision of the owners and collectors. For jewelry designer and automotive YouTuber Patrick Adair, the vision is inspired by Taco Bell and the supercar of choice is the McLaren 720S. The McLaren features a vibrant matte purple vinyl wrap with bold Taco Bell logos that flow down each side of the vehicle. Paired with a set of pink sport wheels, the design includes yellow and pink highlights to accurately pull together the Taco Bell brand colors.

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Patrick took to his YouTube channel to unveil the Taco Bell McLaren in an incredible short film that showcases the 720S at the famous Mexican fast-food restaurant. The once-stock McLaren 720S now features a full DarwinPro aftermarket wide body kit that features an insanely pronounced rear wing system, which now reads Taco Bell’s ‘Live Mas’ motto down the center. After seeing the Taco Bell-inspired McLaren 720S in action, we are excited to see what ideas Patrick has for his next custom vinyl wrap. Check out the unveiling of Patrick Adair’s Taco Bell McLaren 720S by clicking the video link above. View all current McLaren 720S examples for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY Daily for more luxury gear releases and supercar news.

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Source: Adair Auto YouTube