Lamborghini struck gold in 2021, marking its best sales year to date across all of its major markets. In total, the Italian carmaker managed to deliver 8,405 vehicles, a 13 percent increase over 2020's figures. 

Unsurprisingly, the family-friendly Urus SUV was the brand's top seller, accounting for 5,021 units delivered last year. However, the Huracán also saw a decent sales bump with 2,586 cars finding new homes. According to Lamborghini, the increase in sales for its V10 offering likely comes from the introduction of the track-ready STO. While it's at the end of its life cycle, the Aventador is still shifting units, with 798 new cars sold last year. 

Keen to strike while the iron is hot, the Italian carmaker also unveiled its plans to introduce at least four new products over the next 12 months. The keyword here is "products," denoting that we may not see four all-new vehicles. Instead, we may see current models such as the Urus receiving significant updates or special editions. 

What is likely coming down the pipeline is the Aventador's long-awaited successor as its final variants, the Ultimate and Countach LPI 800-4, should round up production sometime this year. The aforementioned STO also marks the end of the Huracán lineup, with a replacement slotted to arrive after its bigger V12 sibling sometime soon.

While we don't know if these new models will offer forced induction of any kind, the Italian carmaker did confirm it will unveil its first hybridized production model sometime in 2023. From there, every vehicle the brand sells will feature some electrification as soon as 2024.

Given the brand's recent announcement surrounding its latest sales figures, a significant refresh to its lineup could extend this trend considerably. Regardless, it seems there will be plenty to look forward to coming out of the Motor Valley over the coming years.

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