After selling out the Chiron and the Bolide in 2021, Bugatti announces an even more exciting 2022.

Bugatti took orders for 150 hypercars in 2021, and while that might seem like a small number, each of these customers ordered an incredibly exclusive, multi-million dollar car that they customized and personalized themselves. Better yet, 60% of Bugatti’s customers in 2021 ordered a Bugatti for the first time.

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This record number is the result of Bugatti’s most comprehensive lineup yet. The Chiron Super Sport is built for speed, being the fastest production car in the world, while the Chiron Pur Sport is an example of Bugatti’s prowess in driving dynamics and agility, ready to take corners with confidence and excellence. Bugatti’s coach-built vehicles, the Divo, La Voiture Noire, and Centodieci, all show unique aspects of Bugatti design, performance, and luxury. The Bolide, only sold to existing Bugatti owners, sold out in only two months.

The most exciting announcement for what is to come is from a joint venture between Bugatti and Mate Rimac. Bugatti Rimac, according to Mate Rimac, means that we will begin to see Bugatti cars featuring technology we have never seen before, and he makes sure to mention that the combustion engine will remain a part of that future, but with Rimac Automobili specializing in electric hypercars, we may see an electric Bugatti on the horizon. He tells us that Bugatti’s craftsmanship and incredibly high standard of quality will remain and even improve in the future. Bugatti shattered expectations once with the Veyron, and the advent of its W16 engine, and we have no doubt that they can do it again 20 years later.

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