It seems the days of peering into minuscule ceiling-mounted DVD player screens are long gone.

Backseat entertainment is one of the most important challenges to overcome when taking a family on a long drive. From figuring out the audio situation to trying to get the best seat in the car so as to not crane your neck trying to squint at a ceiling-mounted screen, satisfying and comfortable backseat entertainment has been a tall order. However, holoride and Porsche are introducing something at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles that may completely change the way things work.

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Using virtual reality, holoride and Porsche plan to blend the motion of the car and the backseat entertainment experience into one. Backseat passengers of a Porsche Cayenne are given VR headsets, which they use to play a new, original game called Cosmic Chase, in which the car turns into a spaceship, and passengers fight off an alien. The seamless integration of the experience comes in the fact that the VR experience matches the movement of the car, which not only makes the experience more engaging but also drastically reduces any risk of motion sickness by synchronizing what is seen with what is being felt. Currently, the experience is available at Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles, but as the technology continues to develop, Porsche and holoride plan to roll this out to other Porsche Experience Centers and eventually worldwide.

Source: Porsche