Lamborghini knows how to do a field trip right.

In search of its breathtaking driving roads and landscapes, Lamborghini took a fleet of their cars on a tour of Scotland, and that tour took them through ski resorts, art installations, and gorgeous stargazing views, with each of their incredible cars offering a unique driving experience along the way.

The Aventador SVJ Roadster brought along featured flagship-worthy Lamborghini performance and an interior opened up to the sky, while the Aventador S coupe flexed the impressive strength of its naturally aspirated V12.

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The entire Huracan EVO range came to join, with four-wheel drive coupes, and a rear-wheel drive coupe and Spyder, all taking on 200 miles of Scottish Cairngorms with their excellent agility and formidable V10 power. The new Huracan STO showed its racing prowess on the winding paths as well.

With incredible SUV capabilities, the Urus was confident in reaching the northernmost Dark Sky Park in Europe, the Cairngorms Dark Sky Park to look up to stars like Cor Tauri, the namesake for Lamborghini’s program towards going electric in the future, adding a poetically optimistic touch to Lamborghini’s Scottish excursion.

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