As Rolls-Royce’s electrified future draws closer, the British carmaker continues testing its first EV across multiple extreme climates.

The latest test saw a camouflaged Spectre head north, just 34 miles shy of the arctic circle for winter testing. Braving temperatures as cold as -104°F in a Swedish facility, the electric vehicle has completed 25 percent of its entire testing schedule. According to Rolls-Royce, the carmaker aims to cover over 1.5 million total miles during tests, simulating 400 years of use. 

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We are now entering what the brand calls “Rolls-Royce 3.0”, essentially the third significant chapter in the carmaker’s history. Spectre exists as the beginning of that new era while simultaneously providing a successor to the Phantom Coupe. According to Rolls-Royce, it aims to produce “the best car in the world.” If we look at the core fundamentals of an EV, it makes sense why the British carmaker would be so confident about its new product. Thanks to the total silence from the electric motors, there’s no need to muffle any engine noise in front of the car. Additionally, the electric motors should drastically reduce vibrations as well. 

The smaller size of the electric motors is also a plus, with Rolls-Royce citing even greater cabin space for occupants while retaining a low drag coefficient. Additionally, the carmaker states that the 1,543-pound battery pack also helps lower sound throughout the cabin by stacking wires and piping between the battery and the inside of the car itself. 

The current architecture that underpins the Ghost, Cullinan, and Phantom also underpins the Spectre. However, the electric coupe steps things up by increasing the diameter of its wheels to 23 inches, a first since 1926. As of writing, we have yet to learn other key figures such as horsepower, range, or price. However, as testing continues throughout the year, more details should come to light.