One of the most powerful (literally) joint ventures in the automotive industry gets in motion.

Late last year it was announced that Bugatti and electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac would be joining forces in the future to make incredible hypercars, both electric and combustion engine-powered. With Rimac headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, and Bugatti making its hypercars in the Molsheim Atelier in France, Bugatti Rimac is a multinational force with the potential to change the automotive world forever.

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In an effort to increase its presence within Europe, Bugatti Rimac has announced that a new engineering and design center for the brands will be created in Berlin, Germany, with a Berlin-based team that will work with the Zagreb headquarters, especially with Design Director Achim Anscheidt and CTO Emilio Scervo to design and engineer Bugatti Rimac’s future technology and products. Together with the €200 million Rimac Campus that the global headquarters of Bugatti Rimac will transition to, and the Molsheim Atelier that Bugatti creates its cars in, the Berlin hub will serve as a place for innovation and design that will push both brands even further into the future. A new era of both incredible Bugatti and Rimac hypercars isn’t just upon us, it’s already starting.

Source: Bugatti Rimac