1. For starters, the new Lotus Eletre is the very first five-door production car from the automaker. It's also Lotus' first model that's not a sports car and their first lifestyle EV.


2. Another first is found on the outside of the Eletre where the deployable LIDAR sensors can be found, a first for an automobile. This system also points to the Eletre's autonomous capabilities. You can see one of the hidden LIDAR sensors right above the wheel.

3. Being a new electric vehicle means that the Eletre has a battery that needs serious cooling. To help cool the battery, the Eletre's active grille and its triangular petals open up, allowing fresh air to cool the battery, motors, and front brakes.

4. What's in a name? Eletre means 'Coming to Life' in some Eastern European countries, an appropriate name considering the new Lotus points to a new life and era for Lotus.

5. With electric power comes great acceleration. For the new Lotus SUV? It joins the "Two Second Club" as the Eletre's 0 to 60 mph time comes in at under 3 seconds. That's not bad for a five-door SUV.

6. Another "quick" aspect regarding the new Eletre is its charge time. Lotus notes that it can charge to 248 miles of range in 20 minutes with a 350kW charger.

7. The centerpiece for the Eletre's cabin is its 15.1-linch touchscreen where the vehicle's controls can be accessed. But, when not being used, the 15.1-inch infotainment center will fold flat and out of sight.

8. A blade of light that runs across the cabin, below the instrument panel, will change color depending on certain situations like the temperature is changed, a call is coming in, or even to signify the battery's charge status.

9. When you press the button on the key or smartphone app, the Eletre's grille "breathes," exterior lights run through a sequence and the illuminated door handles deploy.

10. Last, but not least, the electric Eletre SUV is the first of three new Lotus lifestyle EVs that will be released in the next four years. Expect more exciting reveals coming from the iconic automaker.