2021 was an unprecedented year for Bentley Motors.

Bentley Motors must be celebrating because they've just announced their sales results for 2021 and they're pretty incredible. Compared to 2020, Bentley saw an increase of 31 percent in sales; Bentley sold 14,659 vehicles in 2021 compared to 11,206 in 2020. The British automaker notes that this increase was helped by the introduction of new models like the hybrid variants. In total there were 11 new variants released in 2021 and the new Flying Spur enjoyed a full year of sales around the globe.

As far as which model sold best, that would be the Bentayga which took up 40 percent of the sales. Following the ultra-luxury SUV was the Continental GT with 33 percent and Flying Spur at 27 percent. Bentley Motors has also announced that The Americas were their best market in 2021, with China close behind. You can view the global sales figures down below.

Market2021 (sales)2020 (sales)2021 (% of total sales)
Americas4,212 (+39%)3,03529%
China4,033 (+40%)2,88028%
Europe2,520 (+15%) 2,19317%
Asia Pacific1,651 (+37%)1,20311%
United Kingdom1,328 (+14%)1,1609%
Middle East 915 (+24%)7356%
Total14,659 (+31%)11,206100%

Source: Bentley Motors