Jay takes a spirited drive through the canyons of California.

Since Lamborghini first came into the world, Jay Leno has been following the automaker and has been a huge fan. In fact, Jay Leno's car collection consists of quite a few Lamborghinis, including the prized Miura. For the latest edition of Jay Leno's Garage, CEO of Lamborghini America Andrea Baldi stopped by to show off the extreme Huracan STO.

In the Lamborghini Huracan historical lineup, in terms of power, the STO sits right around where the Huracan Performante is. The Huracan STO, however, is a much more track-ready supercar that borrows many features from the Huracan GT3 and Huracan Super Trofeo. In this episode of Jay Leno's Garage, found up above, the two go over just about every detail of the Italian supercar.

At first, the two discuss the aerodynamics of the Huracan STO and even the fact that 75 percent of the body is comprised of carbon fiber. Andrea Baldi also points out specific aerodynamic features like the shark fin and hood scoop. From there, they go on to discuss the Huracan STO's powerful 5.2-liter V10 engine and then, ultimately, take it out for a drive. Check it out for yourself in the video up above and see what's for sale on duPontREGISTRY.com by clicking the button below.