We don’t know what Lamborghini is doing in this collaboration, but if Lamborghini does it, it’s usually cool.

Lamborghini has released a teaser video, hinting at an upcoming collaboration with the hashtag #Ultimate, featuring artist Krista Kim, DJ and musician Steve Aoki, and Invnt Group, a holding group of creative agencies. The only hint we have as to what this collaboration could be is the announcement of who is going to be in it, and the caption, promising that Lamborghini and its new partners are ready to “open a new road.”

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Based on the collaborators, we do know that the upcoming Lamborghini project is going to involve music, art, and cutting-edge technology. That’s because these are all areas of expertise for Steve Aoki, Krista Kim, an artist known for spurring the Techism movement, and the Invnt Group of creative agencies. Stay tuned as we try to figure out just what Lamborghini is up to, although we do know it’s likely going to be the #Ultimate collaboration.

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