Presented by Verijet - Have short-haul flight needs but don’t want to give up the benefits of private jet travel? You don’t need to rely on crowded commercial airlines anymore. You don’t need to rely on big metal jets anymore. Verijet offers the most convenient jet service available in new, luxurious, smaller jets that can get into and out of smaller, private airports big metal jets can’t.

Verijet is disrupting the short-haul market with a revolutionary new jet from Cirrus Aircraft and AI-powered software technology. Verijet’ s fleet is exclusively new and luxurious SF50 G2 Vision Jets. The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) and Garmin’s Emergency Autoland system, an exclusive combination found only in Cirrus Vision Jets, make these the safest jets in the air today and the holder of two Collier awards. The carbon-fiber composite fuselage affords a surprisingly roomy cabin with large windows instead of portholes. The seating and interior appointments rival larger, all-metal aircraft.

Most importantly, you don’t need to give up a luxury experience just because your flight is short-haul within a region. Verijet operates from almost any local airport within a six hundred nautical mile radius in its service regions. You can travel in a small jet in less time than you might experience with larger all-metal, two-engine jets.

Verijet completed over 1,400 revenue flight missions with 100% safety in 2020, achieving an ARGUS Gold safety rating. For those concerned with your carbon footprint and planetary climate change, Verijet designed a 100% carbon-neutral service at no extra cost to our clients. The Vision jet is already biofuel and SAF fuel capable and burns 50% less fuel than other jets. Adding Verijet’ s unique AI-powered fleet management and routing reduces fuel consumption by another 10% to 15%. The small remainder of Verijet’ s fleet carbon emissions are covered by purchasing carbon offset credits through our partnership with 4AIR.

So, for those 30-to-90-minute short trips, try Verijet. Call 833-Verijet (833-837-4538) Or email Check us out on the web and social media

By: Bill Lannan