All three of BMW’s signature letters culminate in one new SUV.

For a long time, BMW’s specialized cars have been divided into groups by three letters: “i” for electrified vehicles, “X” for SUVs, and “M” for exhilarating performance models. Enter the BMW iX M60, a car that gets the honor of bearing all three.

The iX M60 is the very first BMW M vehicle derived from a model that is completely electric, and it doesn’t take any of its titles lightly. To earn the M badge, the iX M60 has 619 horsepower on tap, and gets to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds.

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In the “i” department, the iX M60 features much of the technology that will be integral to BMW’s electric future. The car utilizes aluminum and carbon fiber to ensure rigidity, ride quality, and weight reduction so that the car can perform incredibly, and also ensure a range of over 350 miles. The carbon fiber technology in the iX M60 comes courtesy of the M division as well, having been derived from the M3 CSL from 2003. Combined with a low center of gravity due to the batteries being under the car, and a drag coefficient of 0.26 in Sport mode, the iX M60 is the future of BMW and the automotive world. The world premiere of the iX M60 will be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, and the car is set to have its global market launch in June.