A sit down with Porsche and its biggest fan.

With its rich heritage of incorporating automotive inspiration within art and fashion, Porsche surrounds itself with creative individuals that share the same passion for German engineering excellence. One of those prominent individuals part of the Porsche family is Arthur Kar, owner of French streetwear fashion brand and automotive dealership L’Art de L’Automobile. His most recent creative project takes shape as a modern Porsche 968 reimagined as an art car, shocking the car community as the ‘968 L’ART’. Porsche recently sat down with Arthur Kar in an interview to discuss his inspirations, passions, memories, and day-to-day interests.

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As a man who appreciates all aspects of the Porsche brand, Arthur explains his love for classic manual 911’s and how one of his fondest memories was the first drive in a Porsche 965 Turbo Leichtbau. The exact three words that Arthur describes the Porsche 911 are timeless, beautiful, and fast. When he is not longing to be behind the wheel of his Carrera GT, Arthur Kar is working towards growing his streetwear brand with creative collections that tie into his passion for hip-hop and Air Jordan sneakers. Arthur Kar and L’Art de L’Automobile operate under his best advice of “Believe in your dreams. Never give up.”, which is the reason why his brand holds a strong relationship with Porsche. View all current Porsche 968 models for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY Daily for more luxury streetwear news and releases.

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Source: Porsche