Even with just 10 being made, Bugatti is putting the Centodieci through the wringer.

Bugatti demands the best out of everything it does, which is why its cars are known for breaking records, turning heads, and being the objects of people’s highest aspirations. Its coach built models are the biggest representation of that, being Bugatti’s most rare and incredible creations. The brand’s latest coach built model, the Centodieci, pays homage to the EB110, another Bugatti legend from the 1990s, known for its revolutionary speed capability, thanks to a carbon-fiber monocoque, quadruple-turbos, and all-wheel-drive.

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The Centodieci not only builds on the EB110’s legacy but also the legacy of cars like the Bugatti Veyron and Bugatti Chiron that define Bugatti’s success and excellence. And to do that, the Centodieci needs to be held to the same high standard of quality. Even though only 10 Centodiecis will be made, Bugatti has put the car through a rigorous round of testing, in the name of over 50,000 kilometers, or 30,000 miles of testing at Nardò.

For Bugatti, and especially the Centodieci’s engine, this is somewhat of a return to Nardò, as the Volkswagen W12 Nardò was named after the incredible speed records it set with the W12 engine on the track, which would go on to be the basis for the W16 that powers the Bugatti supercars we know and love today. After this testing, a final assessment will decide whether the Centodieci is ready to enter production at the Molsheim Atelier in Alsace, France, and once it does, all ten cars are getting delivered to their owners this year.

Source: Bugatti