The most efficient Mercedes-Benz vehicle that has ever been created.

Mercedes-Benz is going all-in on electrified vehicles and their latest unveiling shows just how far they're they've come. The new Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX is an all-electric concept vehicle that pushes the boundaries of what's to be expected from an electrified automobile. It boasts an astounding range of over 620 miles on a single charge, blowing past the range of the EQS 450+ (350 miles). Mercedes' engineers also managed to ensure the power efficiency is top-notch, allowing the EQXX's electric drive to push 95% of power from the battery to the wheels. Speaking of the battery, Mercedes used their expertise in Formula 1 and motorsports to drop the size of the battery pack (50% less volume and 30% lighter than the battery pack in the EQS). Dropping the weight of the battery pack is a huge deal as they are known to be quite bulky and heavy. Other fascinating features of the new VISION EQXX include the roof with thin solar panels, an interior crafted by sustainable materials, aluminum alloy brake discs, a user interface that acts as a sidekick by "helping" the driver, and a drag coefficient of 0.1716. That last fact is actually pretty amazing when you consider that the EQS has a drag coefficient of 0.20 and a football is at 0.18 to 0.2. The last bit I'll leave you with is that it's amazing range, the VISION EQXX could technically travel from New York City to Cincinnati, Ohio on a single charge. That's all thanks not only to the battery's capacity but its efficiency - the EQXX uses less than 10kWh of energy per 100 km.

Again, this is a concept car with no word of production but the technology that the VISION EQXX will certainly find its way into future Mercedes-Benz models.

Source: Mercedes-Benz