The Polestar 2 Single Motor is easily the Swedish carmaker’s most important model to date. While the sleek and sporty Polestar 1 grabs headlines with its carbon-fiber body and supercar performance stats, it’s the PS2 that’ll bring in the big bucks. Last year, we traveled to New Mexico to drive the new single motor variant, finding that it was a well-built, stylish and fun to drive EV aimed squarely at the Tesla Model 3. 

Fast forward to today and the Swedish carmaker’s entry-level model is officially available for purchase in the United States. With a base price of $45,900 it’s priced competitively against EVs from Tesla, Hyundai, and Kia. However, Polestar claims that its base price could become as low as $33,400 once all possible federal and state incentives have been applied. 

Despite being the brand’s entry-level model, it doesn’t offer entry-level performance, with 231 horsepower and 243 foot-pounds reaching the road through the front wheels, even the base PS2 will give a Volkswagen GTI a run for its money. Additionally, you get 270 miles of electric range to boot. 

According to Polestar, the carmaker aims to grow its total sales figures to 65,000 in 2022, up from its previous goal of 29,000 for 2021. With a rumored Polestar 3 SUV on the way, it seems the electric carmaker may be set up for a proper run at establishing itself as a real player in the EV space for years to come. 

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